Loan Online?

Since the internet came into the world, our lives have been made much easier because not only can we use it as a means to search for information or as a leisure platform, but it can also be used as a versatile tool that can help us improve our financial situation through a personal loan.

That is why Argentina now has the services of BankMere, a platform that has been perfectly adapted to modern times, bringing within reach of individuals the possibility of obtaining a personal loan in an innovative, simple and reliable way.

If you want to apply for a loan online with us, we will explain what you should do in detail.

  • You only have to be over 18 and tell us how much money you need. If it is a personal consumer loan, the cap is $ 20,000 while if it is a loan with vehicle under warranty the maximum limit you can apply is $ 80,000. In the event that you need a personal consumer loan, you will need to work blank and have at least 6 months old.
  • After you enter all the required information, your request will be put to consideration by a BankMere representative who will evaluate your case. If accepted (regardless of the type of loan you have requested), said representative will contact you directly to discuss the next steps of your loan
  • You must provide your bank account information, as we will need the account number to make the deposit of the online loan that you requested.
  • To know if your online loan application was approved by our platform, you must wait for a period of time no longer than 20 minutes and we will call you to any of the telephone numbers you have provided to let you know that you will soon be able to enjoy your loan. in case it has been confirmed.
  • The installments will be debited automatically from your bank account according to the quotation deadline that has been pre-agreed between both parties. According to the type of loan you have requested, you will have 12 months to pay if it was a consumer loan or 24 months if it is a loan with vehicle under warranty

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