Is it possible to get a payday loan without bailiff bases?

Yes, but it is not a simple matter. The vast majority of lenders check the customer in all databases before granting him a payday loan. In addition, it is often required to have a permanent source of income, preferably from work. In the case of a court bailiff, this income is usually reduced by 50%, so it will not help with the payday loan. Many people try to deal with this problem by looking for private payday loans from friends and around their place of residence. In this situation, payday loans are usually spent on repayment of the bailiff , because it makes the normal functioning much more difficult.

In the case of a regular employment contract, the bailiff takes up 50% of the remuneration. In the case of contracts, the order and contracts for specific work do not have such limitations and may take up to 100% of the monthly remuneration . In this case, it is best to repay the bailiff immediately, and spread the amount of debt into monthly installments. If you are in a similar situation, we may be able to help you. We invite you to submit an application on our website. It will take no more than 15 minutes, and the chance for a payday loan with a court bailiff is high.

Is it possible to obtain a payday loan in the case of a debt collector?

Having a bailiff’s job does not exclude the receipt of a payday loan. Information about the bailiff being assigned to the given debtor is not added anywhere. The only entry in the BIK database is the one about the payday loan or payday loan for which the bailiff was assigned. No additional information is added. So, what payday loan to decide on? If you intend to repay the payday loan in full, you can choose to withdraw funds to your account. The bailiff will collect the due amount himself. Or in cash, then you will be able to settle accounts with your creditors directly.

It will be helpful to have a stable income to get a positive decision. Ideally, it will be a contract of employment, for an indefinite period, but any form of employment will be much better than its lack. A payday loan for benefits is very difficult to say, that it is almost impossible. There are, however, cases of customers who receive non-bank payday loans for mopsu or 500+ benefits. Another plus that can outweigh your advantage is the number of commitments you had previously paid. If in the past you systematically settled your obligations, and only now you have a stumble, there is a good chance of getting a positive decision.

What databases of debtors most often check parabanks?

In which databases of debtors is usually verified the client who is trying to get a quick payday online? Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the BIK database, ie the Credit Information Bureau. Information from this office was only reserved for banks a few years ago. Only for several years, the parabanks began to use BIK. Thanks to the fact that they have access to a negative, but also positive credit history, they can more accurately check the credibility of the client and adjust a better offer for him. However, BIG, the Economic Information Bureau, is the most often checked base of debtors. This database has been verified practically since the beginning of the non-bank business sector.

Unfortunately, in the BIG database, as in the KRD, there is no information on the timely repayment of liabilities . The only records that can be found there are negative information about unpaid payday loans, bills or fines. So if you’ve been paying off your payday loans and payday payday loans for a long time, and once you get caught, you have a better chance of getting a payday loan from a company that checks BIK than in the one that verifies only BIG. In addition to the above-mentioned databases, there is also ERiF and ZBP.

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What to do if you refuse?

What should you do if you get denials on each side? Have you tried to apply in all payday loan companies and nothing? We invite you to submit an application on our website. We also grant payday loans to indebted and non-creditworthy persons . You will complete the application by going to the home page, and then select the appropriate payday loan amount and the repayment time. Now just click on the button submit the application and fill out a short form. Good luck!

What should you consider being lending in a bad credit situation?

What should you pay attention to when deciding on a payday loan with a debt collector? Well, in situations for a certain person on something very much depends on it will always be the one who will use it. It is no different with borrowing money. Desperate people who can not find credit anywhere can be a tasty morsel for online cheats. Very often you can hear about the fact that someone made a prepayment in exchange for allegedly granting a payday loan at a later time. Of course, the mysterious lender dissolves with the money sent to him.

Most often, such maneuver is used on websites with local classifieds. The fraudster issues an advertisement that supposedly offers private payday loans and waits for the victims to send messages to him . Then he sends a comprehensive answer, where he promises a payday loan transfer, or a direct visit, in exchange for paying in advance for the insurance, fuel for travel, accounting costs, a notary public, and whatever comes to the cheater. Unfortunately, this practice still persists, which only confirms that there are people who are taking on this type of fairy tales about private investors and payday loans under the bill of exchange. Unfortunately. Private individuals who lend without collateral do not exist. The only option for a payday loan from a private investor is against property, car or valuables.


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