Most often after the wedding, the newly married spouse changes her surname, taking the name of her husband. We can also decide on a two-part name. Of course, the husband may also change his name. The change of the name is also determined by thfe necessity to carry out the appropriate formalities in the offices.

Changing the name after marriage requires us to make the appropriate documents that will contain a new name. This applies above all to personal ID, driving license, passport, or identity documents. We will also have to ask other institutions and companies to change the documents on which our personal data is located.

Let’s focus here on banking issues, because we should also notify the bank that we have changed the name.

How do you notify the bank when you change your name?

Basically, there are two paths that we can take to change the name in the bank’s system. The first one is a visit to a bank branch, while the second one is sending a notarized certified statement on the change of data by the post.

The simplest solution is to visit the nearest bank branch – a list of branches can be found on the bank’s website. We must have a document with us that confirms the change of name, for example a new identity card or passport.

When we want to send a document by post, we must first go to the notary’s office along with the documents that confirm the change . Then we send this document to the bank at its correspondence address. It is best to send a registered letter. Of course, for the preparation of such a document by a notary public we will also have to pay, so it is generally more expensive option than visiting a bank outlet.

Consequences of changing the name at the bank

When the bank receives a relevant document or we present an identity card with new data in the institution, the name is changed in the banking system. This means that all banking products we use will now refer to our new name. The letters will also come to our new name, which we have chosen after the wedding.

How does it look like in the case of payday loans or credits? Here we do not have to worry that our payday loan or credit will be terminated. It will simply change the name to which the indebtedness will be saved.

Payday loans and loans after marriage

Of course, there is another problem – how to pay off payday loans and loans after getting married. Basically a payday loan or payday loan is still in our hands, they are included by us, that’s why we are responsible for it. Of course, we can make an appointment with our new spouse who will pay off the debt, for example we can split installments in half. Our spouse, however, has no obligation to pay off our debts, which arose before entering into marriage.

In summary, when we change our name, we should also notify our bank, who will make the appropriate changes. This has no impact on the banking products we use.

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